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Welcome Aboard

Welcome to Goldak Airborne Surveys. For over 45 years we have been helping those in the exploration community meet their objectives by providing the highest quality geophysical data.

At Goldak we are continually refining the art of airborne geophysical data collection and enhancement. We strive to lead the industry in technology and execution. To that end we were the first company in North America to offer a Three Axis Airborne Magnetic Gradiometer system. We have continued to innovate by developing the ADS system, which determines the aircraft attitude and 'derotates' the gradients to their ideal orientation. Our proprietary Gradient Variable Trend gridding algorithm makes full use of measured gradients by incorporating the local trend of the magnetic field and ensuring that these trends are honoured.

We own our own calibrated radiometric test pads and, in cooperation with the Geological Survey of Canada, have developed our own radiometric test range allowing for timely and precise calibration of our radiometric equipment.

Large or small. Magnetic, Radiometric or VLF. We are ready to meet your survey needs.

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